Taylor T

I am so happy with my cut and color from this place!

I explained that I wanted my color to be more “specific” and brunette (I’m a natural brunette, but have the ombre highlight fade thing going on out of laziness, not because I’m cool). The owner took a look at my face and immediately sized up my complexion and rattled off the color to the assistant.

The color turned out perfect and I feel like I don’t have to wear a stitch of makeup because it really does wonders for my complexion.

Two people did the blow dry at once, so I felt like a princess, and I was thrilled with the efficiency. She also used these wacky looking scissors to take some weight off my hair, and I can totally tell a difference.
They are apparently moving to a new place, which is good news because I think the location they’re in now doesn’t match up with the stylists/quality.

BTW, I drove 40 minutes from Hollywood to get here and will be back when I need a touch up!

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