[divider type=”divider-1″] Hair loss due to Chemotherapy can be devastating. When facing cancer many things are out of your control, including hair loss. It’s important for many women to keep their appearance exactly the same. Yet, finding a wig that matches their current hairstyle can be frustrating. One of the first thoughts that crosses your mind when you hear the word “Cancer” is ” Will i lose my Hair?” I know this because i have experienced it first hand with my grandma, mom, cousin, aunt, dad, friends and hundreds of clients.   I have been shaving the heads of my loved ones and clients for over 20 years. I have been cutting and donating hair 10 inches or longer for over 20 years as well…not knowing where the hair was really going to or if it was given freely to a person in need.   As of 4 years ago I started sending the hair that I cut off for donations to my friend Lisa who hand makes wigs for cancer patients one wig at a time. You can find Lisa at www.WigsofLUV.com. Lisa makes these gorgeous wigs that are one length so that i can create any look. Lisa then finds ladies at the cancer treatment centers and offers her wigs FREE OF CHARGE to any and all of them. Lisa then sends these ladies back to me at my salon “Madison Avenue Salon” or www.MadisonAvenueSalon.com.   I then sit with you and we talk and then I cut theses beautiful handmade real hair wigs to fit your face, exactly like your prior to chemotherapy hair or I can cut and style it anyway that you desire! I also do this all FREE OF CHARGE. Doing a haircut on wigs is not easy, in fact, it took me many years to master.   Your hair is your own CROWN and GLORY. Losing it causes tears, messes with your self-confidence, and challenges your thoughts of femininity. We at Madison Avenue understand the stress and anxiety that you are feeling. We are trained professionals who are dedicated to helping you feel confident and beautiful.

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We believe that wigs for cancer patients should NOT be bought out of a catalog. To look your best, and feel your best in a wig means that it must be cut, styled and made to fit perfectly just for you.   What makes our service so unique is that we re-create your hairstyle or your dream hairstyle in a wig. This helps you make the transition from your own hair to a wig simple and stress free.   Madison Avenue Salon and Wigs of LUV are dedicated to providing high quality, well-fitted, handmade, and custom cut/style wigs for cancer patients, so that you can feel confident and comfortable in your day to day life.   I now teach other hairdressers how to cut these wigs as well. The need for custom wig cutting is HUGE, so if you’re interested in learning how to cut and style a wig to fit a person’s face, email me and i will be happy to share my knowledge (free of charge).   One last thing…we are always looking for used wigs to pass on and recut into new styles.   XO, Char and the entire team @MadAveSalonCA 818-363-5577

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